Architect Special Interest Group August 2016 (pm)


This session looked at working planes, automatic working planes, and how symbols behave with automatic working planes.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:33    introduction to working planes
  • 02:40    Set Working Plane tool
  • 04:29    Save Working Plane
  • 05:53    using saved working planes
  • 09:28    rotating working planes
  • 10:54    Automatic Working Planes
  • 13:36    extruding objects drawn on working plane
  • 14:21    creating a solar water collector
  • 19:40    assigning textures to the collector
  • 23:41    creating a symbol for the solar collector
  • 25:13    using the solar collector symbol on a roof
  • 31:45   duplicating a symbol and editing it to create a new solar collector
  • 37:53   hybrid and non-hybrid symbols and how they relate to automatic working planes

Architect August 2016 pm

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