3D Modeling Special Interest Group – August 2016


In this session we looked at modeling a swinging sun bed supported on 4 columns. This project will involve extrusions, extrude along path, subdivision modeling, creating drawings, lighting, and getting resources from other projects.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:57    starting with a blank file
  • 02:11    start with a rectangle in the center of the page
  • 02:44    creating the columns using a rectangle and then using the instant Push/Pull mode of the rectangle
  • 03:32    using the move by points tool to copy the columns
  • 04:04    using Push/Pull tool to edit the height of the columns
  • 04:31    assigning a texture to the columns
  • 04:43    using the mirror tool to copy the fist column to make the others
  • 05:54    copying a symbol form an earlier project to place the lights in this project
  • 07:50    exporting a symbol to an office library
  • 08:42    creating extrusions using automatic working planes
  • 09:37    occluded selection and snapping
  • 11:45    editing the length of extrusions using the Object Info palette
  • 12:46    Framing Member for creating beams
  • 15:45    creating the remaining beams with extrusions and the Mirror Tool
  • 17:12    Framing Member options
  • 18:40    creating the sun bed using a subdivision object
  • 23:36    adding thickness to the sun bed using Shell Solid
  • 25:20    adding the rope supports to the sun bed using a 3D Polygon and Extrude Along Path
  • 27:52    adding a connection tot eh sun bed with the Eye Bolt
  • 29:43   Vectorworks crashed and the project had not been saved, so it had to be recreated.
  • 41:08    adding a texture to the sun bed
  • 41:48    creating the rope using a Sweep
  • 49:13    creating a rope with a bend
  • 52:49    rendering the scene
  • 57:42    making the viewports for drawings using Create Multiple Viewports
  • 1:01:37  creating perspective viewports

3D Modeling Aug 2016 am

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