Landscape Special Interest Group August (am) 2016


This session was the first of many that we have planned to cover how to get started in Landscape 3D. There will be several sessions that will follow on from this, this session is just the start.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:30    looking for a site in Google Earth
  • 08:30    Importing image files into Vectorworks
  • 08:56    scaling the image to the size
  • 09:36    page setup
  • 10:05    edit crop to change the visible area of the image
  • 11:09    rotate plan view and save views to working orthogonally, so that it makes it easy to work with north up the page
  • 13:38    what is the Heliodon and how do you set it
  • 16:46    creating a property line object from a polygon, later this can be on a site model
  • 18:26    creating design layers for the project
  • 21:29    using stake objects to place spot levels for a site model
  • 25:06    2D polys to 3D contours command to convert polygons to 3D information for site modeling
  • 31:29    using select connected objects
  • 33:43    create site model
  • 43:47    edit site model crop
  • 45:12    edit site model labels

Landscape August 2016 am
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