Architect Special Interest Group August 2016 (am)


The main topic for this session was detailing, using detail viewports and linked viewports. A lot time on an Architectural project is spent coordinating detail references with the details, but Vectorworks has a way to automate that.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:35    creating a layer for details – why this makes it more productive.
  • 02:52    using the Building Code PDF to create details
  • 05:01    what scale should the detail layer be?
  • 05:30    unified view options
  • 06:30    ungrouping a PDF file to edit the source.
  • 08:05    editing the detail by adding symbols from a library
  • 11:31    creating a viewport from a detail drawing
  • 16:00    adding a drawing label to the detail
  • 16:22    duplicating a viewport for the next detail.
  • 18:24    copying details from one project to another
  • 23:13   using a detail viewport
  • 23:46    linked viewports using the Section-Elevation marker
  • 26:00   Link to viewport, linking the
  • 26:41   using the Eyedropper Tool to copy the attributes of the Section-Elevation marker
  • 28:00    placing a new Section-Elevation maker and changing the maker style
  • 28:24    choosing the viewport to link to.
  • 30:09    using the Detail-Callout marker instead of using the detail viewport and linking it to the detail viewport
  • 31:50    renumbering and relocating a detail viewport, and how it changes the detail references in the rest of the drawings.
  • 37:20   how the viewport numbers relate to the list of viewports in the Object Info palette
  •  40:59    back referencing details


Architect August 2016 am

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