Landscape Special Interest Group May (pm) 2016


Topics covered:

  • 00:04   Vectorworks cloud services – what can use it for
  • 01:43   cloud services from the Vectorworks menubar
  • 02:30   using cloud services for rendering
  • 03:17   finding the Vectorworks cloud services folder
  • 07:03   nomad on iPad for viewing using Vectorworks cloud files
  • 17:22   using the Vectorworks cloud services website for uploading files
  • 20:53   animationworks, getting started
  • 21:15   creating a camera path
  • 21:57   placing a camera on the path
  • 22:54   previewing the movie
  • 24:14   placing an additional camera on the path
  • 26:01   creating a moving object
  • 31:32   creating a sliding object
  • 35:39   creating a rotating object
  • 38:41   animationworks tutorials

Landscape May 2016 pm
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One thought on “Landscape Special Interest Group May (pm) 2016

  1. Hi Jonathon,
    I am not having much joy with this LS SIG May 2016. It progresses to about 2’44 sec and then goes into buffer mode and goes no further and with reclicking goes back to start with no progress. Could you please fix.
    Alternatively as we have slow broadband is it possible to put them into video format for me so I can download them??


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