SST_1605 – Project Sharing

Cover ImageThe manual for Project sharing is now available in first draft.

Some projects need more than one person to work on them. Maybe the project is large, maybe the deadline is short, but either way, you need more than one person on the project. Normally, you can only have one person working on the file at a time. So, you could divide the file into parts, you could divide the file into parts that you can reference, or you could set up a system that shared all of the information. Either way, it is all about sharing information on the project – Project Sharing.


  • Introduction
  • Referencing
    • Referencing Layers
    • Things to Watch Out for – Symbols
    • Things to Watch Out for – Circular References
    • Reference Options – Design Layer Viewport or Layer?
    • Absolute Path/Relative Path
    • Referencing Image Files
    • Referencing PDF Files
    • Referencing Vectorworks Files
  • Separate Buildings On A Site
  • Referencing 1 – Large Building
  • Landscape Examples
    • Working with Shapefiles
    • Working with DXF/DWG Files
    • Subdivision Drawing
  • Project Sharing
    • Introduction
    • Setting Up a Project for Sharing
    • Project Sharing Privileges
    • Checking Out A Layer
    • Saving
  • Conclusion
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