Architect Special Interest Group April 2016 (am)


in this session we looked at options for exporting a model for a client (using cloud services and  3D PDF), how to line up a mode with the site plan, creating a site model snapshot, and site model errors.

Topics covered:

  • 00:00   Can you lock a file and export it for the client
  • 01:02   how to export a file for others to look at
  • 01:31   using Vectorworks nomad on a mobile device
  • 10:05   BIMObjects  website for 3-D objects (
  • 11:50   export 3-D PDF
  • 13:42   PDFs on Vectorworks cloud services
  • 18:46   using a design layer viewport to link a project to the site
  • 34:10   lining up all the layers to be the same scale and orientation to link the site to the project
  • 47:30   creating a site model snapshot
  • 54:30   site model errors

Architect April 2016 am

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