Landmark_SIG_046 Special Interest Group March (am) 2014

In this session we looked at several Viewport tricks for dealing with detailed drawings.

Topics Covered:

The power and importance of Viewports (for 2D and 3D views) 

  • there are several types of Viewports (e.g. Viewport, Detail Viewport, Section Viewport, etc.)
  • they can be placed on design layers or on sheet layers
  • design layers are for creating objects / design
  • sheet layers are for printing
  • the relationships between Viewports and classes
  • using Viewport crops to control the size of a Viewport
  • options of Viewport crop shapes
  • customizing Viewport settings
  • -> each Viewport can control its own scale, layer settings, class settings, class attributes, line weights, text settings, views, render settings, crop shape, lights, etc.
  • adding and customizing Sheet Borders
  • editing the Annotation or the Crop of a Viewport
  • creating a Detail Viewport & customizing it (editing the ‘Detail Callout Settings’)
  • applying the ‘Constrained Linear Dimension’ tool
  • -> changes to an object / design (either on a design layer or in a Viewport) are automatically updated in all other Viewports
  • copying & moving an existing Viewport to a different layer (references do automatically update)
  • how to create plan details (also using Detail Viewports)
  • -> more information about Viewports can be found in my Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual, pages 50-59 and 118-131
  • creating a Section Viewport from a 3D object
  • using the Advanced Properties of a Viewport
  • editing the crop (Clip tool / Edit Crop command)
  • creating a Plan Viewport from an existing 3D Viewport
  • creating an Elevation Viewport from an existing 3D Viewport
  • using the Renderworks Camera Tool to create Viewports
  • editing & fine tuning the camera settings
  • updating a single Viewport or all Viewports together
  • how to increase the Render Quality of Viewports by adjusting the DPI setting on the Organization palette
  • using the various Render options (Foreground & Background)
  • (again) looking briefly at Plant Database worksheets
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