Landmark_SIG_035 Special Interest Group September 2013

In the session we looked at dimension standards and site modifiers. In particular the attendees want to look at the differences between existing and proposed terrain.  Dimension standards are useful because they can control the look of your dimensions, giving you just the look that you require while site modifiers are important for modifying existing or proposed terrain.

Topics Covered:

  •  creating your own dimension standard
  • assigning a text style to your dimension standard
  • copying one of the existing dimension standards and editing it
  •  the difference between an existing site model and a proposed site model
  • creating a site modifier and applying it to an existing site model
  • checking cut and fill calculations on an existing site model
  •  using the polygon to create a site modifier
  • creating a site modifier and applying it to a proposed site model
  • updating cut and fill calculations
  • creating more site modifiers and applying them to a proposed site model
  • creating a grade limits (boundary) from a pad
  • creating a grade limits from several pads
  • editing source data on a site model
  • massing model as a site modifier (proposed only)
  • creating cut and fill calculations for several phases of the construction
  • texture bed
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