Landmark_SIG_034 Special Interest Group September 2013

The session looked at the challenges of importing DXF files from consultants, adding your planting or landscape, and then sending the files back. When you are dealing with consultants is very important that agree with them what drawings you will be providing. This is easy if you just pick up the phone and have a conversation with them.

Once you have agreed with your consultants what information they will be sending and what information you will be returning, you can get started. In this movie I import a DXF file, carry out some landscaping, import a revised drawing (which requires adjusting my landscape design), and then prepare the drawings for exporting.

Topics covered:

  • using an exercise from a Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual
  • moving from the exercises in this manual to real world projects
  • importing a DXF/DWG drawing
  • setting the correct DXF units
  • looking at the imported drawing
  • change to a design layer to check the sizes of the important information
  • change the scale of the design layer to suit your viewports
  • the scale of the design layer will affect the scale of the plant tags
  • rotating the view
  • saving the rotated view
  • changing plant grouping
  • editing the plant tag location
  • duplicating a viewport
  • editing viewport crop using the reshape tool
  • editing viewport crop using the clip tool
  • changing the viewport scale
  • duplicating sheet layers to create a new drawing
  • importing the revised DXF file
  • editing the viewports to reflect the revised DXF file
  • exporting the DXF file
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