cadmovie933 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 8

Custom Tool/Attribute – This command is similar to custom selection but it also allows you to choose tools and settings to be saved. It creates a script like the custom selection, which will appear in a floating palette.

This command can create a script that sets the line weight, class, line color, etc. When you need to use it, you double click on the script.

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One thought on “cadmovie933 – Customising Vectorworks – Part 8

  1. Wow, this is soo good! You saved the best customizing and time saving technique to last! Thanks for showing us this Jonathan, it was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me …so to recap…. By using the custom tool / attribute command, I now know how to select a tool to do a specific job and program it with the individual specific tool settings and attribute and smart cursor settings, class and layer options and give it a name and SAVE it a consistent COMMAND once and for all? And it gets even better as I can access my job specific programmed command in a floating palette and use it time and time again? Happy days.

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