Is urgent the same as important?

When I started teaching Vectorworks in the UK, I noticed that while the students understood that learning and practicing Vectorworks was important, they could not find the time to practice. It was as if they knew it was important, buy they could not make it a priority.

When I asked the students, they would say “yes, I know this is a great skill to learn and I know that it will make me more money in the future, but I have these other assignments due…” Several students had similar things to say.

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One thought on “Is urgent the same as important?

  1. What an enlightenment!! I have wondered why so many times while teaching a concept never seemed to get into the “heads” of my “students”. I’m not a professional educator so the idea of grading someone I was teaching VW to never occurred to me. While I needed to know they learned something from my teaching it would be best for me to have a metric to measure what they learned and how well they learned it. That way I know they truly would receive value from my lessons.
    Thanks again Jon

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