Landmark_SIG_020 Special Interest Group February 2013

In this session we looked at importing a survey file and using the survey data to prepare for creating a Site model.

When you import a survey drawing, it is important to know what you are importing and why you are importing it. A PDF will give you different options from a DXF/DWG file, so you have to choose your importing file carefully. Once you have your import, what do you have to do to prepare the file for creating a site model?

Topics Covered:

  • Importing DXF/DWG files from surveyor
  • Why it is better to use the Import Single DXF/DWG… command
  • What the import settings mean…
  • Setting the Primary import DXF/DWG settings
  • Setting the Graphic Attributes for the imported DXF/DWG file.
  • Fit to objects/Fit to Page area to find the imported data.
  • Checking the imported data.
  • Moving the page to suit the DXF/DWG file.
  • Setting the page size for the imported file.
  • Using the Stake Object to place points for the site model.
  • Using an archoncad plug-in to add 3D Loci for the site model, it makes it a lot quicker.
  • Finding the archoncad plug-ins.
  • Installing the archoncad plugins.
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