Introduction to BIM- Doors and Windows – Part 9

Adding Additional information to Windows – You can attach additional information to window for the window schedule.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to BIM- Doors and Windows – Part 9

  1. Jonathan, is it possible to get a window schedule to report the area of the rough opening of a window? I can get the R.O. Width and R.O. Height, but I don’t see the “code” to report the area.


    • The Overall Width is the overall width of the window, and the structural opening is the overall width plus the shim gap. If you set the shim gap to 0, then the overall width will equal the R.O. Width. You can add the shim gap to the sash width when you create your windows, or you can add the shim gap to the report.

      • Perhaps I should re-explain…
        I can already report the RO Width and RO Heights using “=(Window.RoughOpenWIdth)” and “=(Window.RoughOpenHeight)” respectively.

        Is there way to report RO Area using similar code, as far as you know, or must one use a formula to calculate it?

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