Introduction to BIM- Document Setup – Part 8

 Layer and Class Standard – A layer and class standard is the most effective way to add new layers and classes to a file.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to BIM- Document Setup – Part 8

  1. This is a fantastic time saving tip. It also help create great consistency from one drawing to the next as you don’t have to try to remember what graphic standards (in the case of Classes) you used previously.

    It’s important to note that after saving your VW file (with your preferred Layers & Classes) to the Standards folder as shown in the video, VW will need to be restarted so that it has a fresh “view” into that Standards folder.

    After restarting VW, the file you created will appear in the list of drawings in the drop-down menu when you choose “Import Classes” or “Import Layers”

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