Building a Symbol Library – Part 3

Building a Symbol Library – Collect all your symbols together in a library, but don’t forget to give is a structure to make it easy to use.

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2 thoughts on “Building a Symbol Library – Part 3

  1. Jonathan,
    I am a bit confused as to how to organize a symbol library.
    On this short movie you show that you organized them inside of one vw file.
    I have seen another video promoting the use of User Folders.
    What is the best way to do this. I have lots of symbols on various drawing file over the year and I would like to regroup them somewhere together. I understand the need to separate them under categories but not sure if they need to be in a single drawings or various files.
    Please advise
    thank you

    • The video above talks about making a Symbol library (basically a Vectorworks file that contains all your symbols), which is different than using “User Folders”, which would contain other resources like hatches, line types, etc that would populate many of Vectorworks’ tools when you start up the application.

      A symbol library file wouldn’t populate Vectorworks’ tools at start up, but it woukd be easily available in your Resource Browser for you to grab the symbols from. Having a symbol library handy in your Resource Browser is FAR more convenient and faster than digging through old, random Vectorworks files looking for the symbols you want to use at the moment you want to use them again.

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