Landmark_SIG_013 Special Interest Group October 2012

This is the movie from the afternoon session of the landmark special-interest group. This session was slightly different from the morning session because we looked at starting a project from a hand drawing. We then created layers on top of the scanned hand drawings so that we could start our Vectorworks plants.

Topics covered:

  • Rescaling the scanned images to make them accurate
  • Creating the design layers for the planting and hardscape
  • Placing plants
  • Editing the Plant definition
  • creating plants that should not be on the plant list
  • existing plants
  • editing the plant settings
  • using the Vectorworks plant list with images
  • creating two plants of the same species but with different sizes by editing the plant settings
  • adding the plant size in the schedule comments
  • opening the plant database
  • importing your old plants database into Vectorworks 2013 plant database
  • creating a Vectorworks plant last
  • getting the plant data from the Vectorworks plant list onto a plant
  •  explaining the concept of the connection between a Vectorworks plant, a Vectorworks plant list, and the Vectorworks plant database
  •  why would you want use the Vectorworks plant database, reasons for using it
  • creating a plant from an object
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