SST_1010 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2011

You may not want to upgrade, you may not be able to afford to upgrade, but I still think you should read about what is new in Vectorworks 2011. There are some new ways what will change the way you think about creating your models.


  • Text Styles
  • Creating a Text Style
  • Editing a Text Style
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Text Object
  • Assigning a Text Style to a Dimension Standard
  • Assigning a Text Style to Other Objects
  • Planar Objects
  • Push/Pull Tool
  • Extract Tool
  • Wall Styles
  • Slabs
  • Floor Slab
  • A Ceiling is Still a Slab
  • Existing Tree
  • Scalable Symbols
  • Scaling Symbols
  • Page Unit Symbols
There is some great protected information here that is only available to paying subscribers. You must be an active paying subscriber to see it, but you can  Subscribe here.


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