epodcast067 – Preparing Images for Image Props

I have had a request from several people, not just landscapers. How can you take an image and get it ready for an image prop. You need to use photo editing software. I will show you how to use PhotoShop Elements (approx$145NZ) to cut out a tree photo to make an image prop.

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3 thoughts on “epodcast067 – Preparing Images for Image Props

    • I’m not sure if I know of an optimal size for your images. If you use images that are extremely high-quality, they give better results when you create a high-quality rendering (such as custom Renderworks or final quality Renderworks) but you will notice that your file size becomes massive. Generally, most of my images with image props around the 2000 to 3000 pixels in height. The DPI doesn’t matter, it’s all based on the number of pixels.

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